Registration Enforcement

Please send all complaints regarding any suspected illegal operation of vacation rentals to the email of Vacation Rentals. Please include the property address and supporting photos and/or documentation to validate your complaint.

If your property has been cited for operating as a Vacation Rental, you must comply by:

  1. Obtaining your Certificate of Compliance with the City of Indian Harbour Beach. To register for the Certificate, please visit our Vacation Rental Registration page.
  1. Discontinuing as a vacation rental through deactivating/closing down all advertisements and providing the following to the Code Officer:
    1. Affidavit of Compliance (PDF)
    2. Proof of deactivation or closing of all the advertisements.

Note: If you discontinue, you are still able to proceed with the registration process, but cannot advertise or rent out until you have completed the registration and received your Certificate of Compliance.

The operation of a Vacation Rental without registration after October 1, 2018, shall be a violation of this ordinance and shall have a fine as set by resolution.